goodbye (dhd383;#(##+%;8%203+"/)

Banget - Custom level - from Android

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  • dOUBLEbAD: @Banget: I have no idea what you just said...
  • Banget: @dOUBLEbAD: My selecting music goodbye be (MOTOROLA XT535),
    fans banget's do that dOUBLEbAD into Banget.
  • dOUBLEbAD: My understanding of the world dictates that feces can not become a precious gem unless it is first polished and sold to a fool. Otherwise, discordanly flippant behavior is to ensure anarchy to come forth unto the privileged few who can see its true nature. The nature of a troll is still that of a troll unless it is no longer fed.
  • Coolblocks749: @shantanuaryan67: ha
  • Banget: @Coolblocks749: @Golden: @shantanuaryan67: goodbye to level:
  • shantanuaryan67: @Banget: you need to GET-BAN(ned)
  • Golden: @Coolblocks749: and I still don't get it why...
  • Coolblocks749: @Golden: He gives credits to all his copied builds.
  • Banget: @Chad64: @Chad64: @Chad64: Def.......ence music
  • Chad64: Oh and for research purposes: HEY BANGET, FUCK YOU.
  • Chad64: @BedrockStar: We have no admins, that's why there's no contests, no ban or mutes, and why the community is dying. BTW, "hi" is actually spelled "he" just to help ya out. :)
  • Chad64: @Coolblocks749: heh, what's sad? He doesn't even fucking understand english. I can assure you he would be an ultimate troll to the community. Sorry, I'm gonna disable all derivatives for now.
  • Banget: @BedrockStar: @Golden: @BedrockStar: @Golden: @BedrockStar: (dhd383;#(##+%;8%203+"/)
  • BedrockStar: @Golden: I want to say that he changed title for some reasons.
  • Golden: @BedrockStar: I don't know what you mean?
  • BedrockStar: @Golden: But why hi put (dhd383;#(##+%;8%203+"/)
    I think by this text hi want to make that guy sad.
  • Golden: @BedrockStar: he actually gave credits, I'm not sure if he just take someone level and change to who made it and give credits..
  • BedrockStar: @Chad64: @that guy: @Coolblocks749: Who is the admin in this game.
    Because I think hi need do something with banget.
  • Banget: @Coolblocks749: @that guy: i know a all music in that guy(goodbye):
  • Coolblocks749: What's sad is he does not understand our threats
    @that guy:
  • Banget: @Coolblocks749:
  • Banget: @that guy: know see one last troll do.
  • Banget: @Chad64: n o w a l u a t i m e r f r o m B P M ?
  • Coolblocks749: Now this is complete shit.
    Who the fuck are you and why are you doing this
  • that guy2: perhaps we do have one last troll to eradicate.
    heh heh...

    n o w ' d b e a g o o d t i m e t o q u i t .
  • Chad64: jesus, who are you? you're next level troll O_o

LEVEL ID: 25346