Radar drones.

Banget - Custom level - from Android
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Lua drone radar.
Waypoint Radar Drone(ALPHA)
Radar Drone
Radar Drone V7

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  • Banget: @Golden: Hi!
  • Banget: @Demon666: My level radar drone "Radar Drone V7"
  • Golden: @Demon666: and he mocks...
  • Demon666: @Coolblocks749: he used a few of my radar drone levels.
  • Banget: @Coolblocks749: English it. GOOGLE TRANSLATE∅
  • Coolblocks749: Just use google translate PLEASE your english is terrible
  • Banget: @Coolblocks749: (a radar drones every to lua)
  • Coolblocks749: Can someone check if this is original
  • Banget: My level is lua drone like give are do RADAR DRONE.

LEVEL ID: 25367