R.A.M. 3.0 || binary encoder-decoder

shantanuaryan67 - Custom level - from Android
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As you all know i am working on a working computer but if i use electrical ram, the level starts to lag. So I've decided to use lua instead. Infact, i had built the previous rams just to show it was possible in principia and i was capable of making it.
It also happens that golden was in need of a encoder/decoder which i was already using in my ram. I've simplified it for golden. Currently it is 256 byte ram with individual 8bit memory spaces. However it Is easily expandable with a simpe change in code. I've also included binary-to-decimal and decimal-to-binary functions in case you don't want to start with a decimal input.

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  • shantanuaryan67: @Golden: can send both
  • Golden: Wait does this Lua sends signal 1 and 0 in 8 bits so it can work for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Golden: Oh,
    +Subnet Mask
  • Golden: @shantanuaryan67: I will start making networking components ;)
    Here's the list
    -DSL Modem
    -Cable Modem
    I will try to add other features
  • Golden: @shantanuaryan67: exactly what I need
  • shantanuaryan67: @Golden: i hope this helps

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