My adventure level Mini game from Build (BobMonkeypimp)

BobMonkeypimp - Adventure level - from Android

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Top 10 Players

1. electro
2. TheBossMan
3. Banget
4. that guy2
5. GlaDos
6. a-zA-ZO-9


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  • electro: @Chad64: but they can't
    I'm waiting for Principia to be open source
  • Chad64: @electro: but they SHOULD be mods, i think it's pretty fair
  • electro: @Chad64: not all coloured names are moderators, they funded for Principia
  • Chad64: they should atleast turn golden and zardoz, even if he's dead, into a moderator. and everyone else who has a colored name.
  • Chad64: i can assure you it will be tough, he doesn't even English. he probably just uses a translator to communicate

LEVEL ID: 25466