Self-destructing anti-banget copyright system.

BobMonkeypimp - Custom level - from Android
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So my idea is to make a copyright animation that you can have start before a level. Banget could find it if you leave the lua on display but if you drag the lua off the level for a minute or so he's never going to find it (I hope that made sense (?)). The lua emits a tick on frequency 1 after the animation then self destructs so it won't lag the build.

Problem is that my code is an arse on to adapt but banget has a lua text code that is user friendly for adding text. I can merge his code with my animation code but that would technically be trolling the troll.

What do you think? Troll the troll?

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  • MARRA92: @Chad64: agree... i think banget can be seen as trolling but i also think he's a good LUA scripter, we only need some decodification xD
  • MARRA92: awesome idea
  • shantanuaryan67: Or you can use multi emmitter instead of hiding the scripts directly and then hide the multi emitter
  • mrsimb: i just saw woodnut online :) he's mod too
  • Coolblocks749: @Chad64: | @mrsimb: is last resort.
  • mrsimb: @Chad64: he is a surprisingly annoying kiddo i'd say...
  • Chad64: @mrsimb: and anything worse than that
  • mrsimb: @Chad64: from kiddo that won't recognize any english words? :)
  • Chad64: @mrsimb: you have mod powers?.. WERE SAFE
  • mrsimb: I removed some of his levels that he copied. Also warned, that for the continuation of such activities, I'll ban him. I hope he will understand.
  • mrsimb: @Chad64: can be easily interrupted by another prompt
  • that guy2: dangit now I have to keep making grand finale levels and there won't be an ending
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Chad64: @Golden: I thought a prompt or a simple game:message() code for simplicity but this was more fun. Both are good. I think I'll work on a user friendly version that's easy to edit.
  • Chad64: Anyway i got a great idea, we add a prompt saying "LEVEL BY *your name*" hidden in the level (outside the level, or better, inside the wooden borders)
  • Chad64: i don't think he's really a troll. I think he just doesn't realize that he's creating havoc. Plus he doesn't even know how to speak english, so it'll be like teaching a dog to backflip.
  • Golden: I can't remember
  • Golden: Wait, did you said you can't join before?
  • Golden: @BobMonkeypimp: do you have WhatsApp? You should join our group, there are important people there :P
  • Golden: @BobMonkeypimp: that will work, lemme work on zardOz code that he made for me along time ago
  • BobMonkeypimp: @HXCTCreations: It seems to be the best way to deal with the troll.
  • HXCTCreations: I think I should make one for myself..
  • BobMonkeypimp: @that guy: I think I enjoy building stuff too much to leave this community. Banget aint no Ghavio64 but he is indeed a very different troll - he's not entirely thick & can do his own lua levels, weird. Still fun to mess with him though.

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