[KIA]This New Year's Festival( [기아]올뉴카니발)

a-zA-ZO-9 - Custom level - from Android
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This is the 2017 New Year's carnival Push the forward key forward and forward forward and push the x key forward and the z key forward. If you press the C key, the brake will runPress the F key to set the spindle door settingPush the door handle handle for one second and the door opens.(2017년식 올뉴카니발 입니다 x키를 앞으로 밀어주시면 앞으로 나가고 x키와 z키를 앞으로 밀어 주시면 후진 합니다 c키를 땡겨 주시면 브레이크가 실행 됩니다F키를 눌려주시면 여닫이문 설정이 나옵니다여닫이문 손잡이를 1초 동안 눌려 주시면 문이 열립니다)

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  • Hobbit: Happy new year! I like your builds, very precise.
  • a-zA-ZO-9: Hi
  • a-zA-ZO-9: KAl
  • Atomic Cyclone: Your crations are awesome! But what about putting some english text? Good job!

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