4x4 Tractor

Toby stahl - Custom level - from Windows
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Rotation rocket Engine with built in clutch with auto breaking loads of power i made a short course with some nasty hills to demonstrate its power have fun. Updated Engine power Tractor handling clutch power and digital display

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  • x32g: Oooh, nice design. It runs fine on my phone as well!
  • Toby stahl: Ths new update plays best on pc
  • MARRA92: A good alternative for give traction and torque to bigger wheels is like i did here: http://principiagame.com/level/23229 using wheels as "gears", not much power loss and great transmission ever at high torque. im glad to see another passionate of engines and mechanics!
  • MARRA92: we need "badass" button over like and play!
  • hosj12: @Toby stahl: the car was honestly more inpresive than the engine
  • Toby stahl: Im not ready to open it up but i recently uploaded V6Ts check it out derivatives are open it will knock u out if ur into Engines like me
  • hosj12: Can you allow derivatives please I would love to experiment with it
  • JOELwindows7: Wow, DUPER AWESOME with u unique clutch!
    Allow Derivatives!
  • MARRA92: Great design there!
  • Toby stahl: Thanks Thor
  • Thor: Great clutch idea!I use in future projects.

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