Duplex frame

hosj12 - Custom level - from Android
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I would love if someone would build a body
That is what the engine should look like

Now with controls

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  • GlaDos: @MARRA92: K5 Dora: 800 mm cartridge (4m long and 5 tons of weight every projectile)
  • hosj12: @MARRA92: that would be fun I have s few sets of mid weight trucks to use with them
  • MARRA92: we could work on a nazi "gustav cannon" replica, on rails etc
  • hosj12: @GlaDos: I Ain't a kid I know never seen or read it but I know it
  • GlaDos: @hosj12: is like... Like Frankenstain (maybe you don't know who is)
  • hosj12: @GlaDos: lol couldn't be too bad
  • GlaDos: @hosj12: a monster
  • hosj12: @GlaDos: give it a try what's the worst that could happen
  • hosj12: @MARRA92: lol
  • GlaDos: I'm an awful builder
  • MARRA92: My disturbed mind is intraseeing a muscle-duper-duplex assault vehicle
  • hosj12: @GlaDos: yah I just need someone to build a body for it cause I can't build cosmetics
  • GlaDos: It remembers me a Big Boy

LEVEL ID: 25580