Corvette with V6ts

Toby stahl - Custom level - from Android
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V6Ts Combustible thrust Engine lasor timed for precision combustion reaches up 800mph i stuck a rocket on the back to keep the engine from viberating the whole car because the weights and shocks weren't enough have fun

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  • Toby stahl: Its 3 layers emitters also rocket power on the return
  • Atomic Cyclone: @Toby stahl: also please can you allow dervatives?
  • Atomic Cyclone: @Toby stahl: this combustion engine seems to be powerful, in principia landmine engines aren t powerful as electrics and rocket ones, but they are a lot more beautiful and I love them! Check the Piston engine I made some time ago! :D
  • hosj12: @Toby stahl: thanks
  • Toby stahl: Btw i really like hosj mechanical timeing Engine u guys should srsly check it out ill make sure i dont forget to like it later maybe ill even stick it into this project instead
  • Toby stahl: I just rockets and emitters because it somewhat simulates an Engine also by the looks of it im getting more than enough energy out of it lol
  • Toby stahl: Yeah i do that all the time marra like i said in my fist project 4days ago im still new to this game
  • hosj12: @MARRA92: That's fo sure
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: if u scan through my levels u maybe find some things useful or that u can improve with some patience
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: i made only a few engines with rockets, theni sticked to linear motors ( not linear servos ) based; bad part of electric version is there is need of power source, CT's and more parts that occupy precious space
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: rockets and mines in general but particularly rockets aren't the best, rockets have high mass that cause vibrations at hi rpm, meanwhile lend mines alter their trajectory while the vehicle gain speed, or at strong speed variations, but good job there
  • Toby stahl: Hope u guys arent blowing through my stop sign
  • hosj12: @MARRA92: same
  • Toby stahl: Also Marra i seen ur red sports car with the linear Engine love it i built a body simular to it im gonna stick v6ts in it
  • Toby stahl: The landmine is preparing but i feel most of the explosion force is goin down also ill give it a shot marra
  • Toby stahl: The landmine is preparing but i feel most of the explosion force is goin down also ill give it a shot marra
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: you can eventually use lasers as injector to force explosion to be coordinated, I only built a couple of explosive engines, i fell in love with linear motors
  • hosj12: Your timing is a little slow so the engine is firing on the up stroke on the right
  • hosj12: Also try to take care of the speed​ woble
  • Toby stahl: Emitters in Engines needs momentum for it to work that why lasor worked for me
  • Toby stahl: This engine is built in grid iv reset the slider bars twice donno why they pull left also i think this combustion timeing with lazor is 100%
  • hosj12: I'd feilds work better
    Land mines are slow and weak use electronics, faster stronger no delay and more reliable
  • hosj12: Some recommendations from experience
    Lazors don't work very well due to speed and glitches
    Will add more when brain starts working again

LEVEL ID: 25616