Slime AI - Revamped

Chad64 - Adventure level - from Android
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crazy slimeball boss

you must destroy all 3 of his hearts to win

now with leaderboards, as requested by electro

pls like n comment on what u think about it

Credits to Golden for his HP bar lua and Demon666 for his Set_Position function (also lua).

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  • mrsimb: Reminds me of game called "Gish", it was awesome
  • BloodStorm: i need a shotgun or a sword!!! -gets slimed- ya know wat.....-calls in a hail rain- DIE!!!!!
  • RAC10000: its really cool
  • Atomic Cyclone: @Chad64: ahahahah
  • Chad64: @Atomic Cyclone: Oh yeah. I remember that guy. He went through alot of surgery and now he's planning revenge.

    Come to think of it, they do look similar don't they? hahah..
  • Magmus Mr big dick: @Atomic Cyclone: loveu me
  • Magmus Mr big dick: @Atomic Cyclone: loveu me
  • Magmus Mr big dick: Pleas give me lehg
  • Magmus Mr big dick: Can you help me
  • Atomic Cyclone: @Chad64: I remember slimey...
  • electro: Some of my good levels are built in bathroom as I never allowed to use phone in front of parent
  • Chad64: @TechZ: Thanks alot man :) I thought about it in the bathroom
  • TechZ2124: Very nice idea !
  • Chad64: @electro: great idea
  • Chad64: @Golden: that's part of his daily chores
  • Golden: @Chad64: well he keeps leaking....
  • electro: Maybe, add time and *lower score is better* option
  • Chad64: @electro: I don't really know how I'll apply a leaderboard to this lol. Everyone would probably get the same score
  • Chad64: @x32g: haha yes :D the spilled slime was unintentional tbh, though it does multiple things that makes the slime boss more awesome.
  • electro: Need leaderboard
  • x32g: Interesting that it spills it's "slime" everywhere to impede your movement more and more as the fighting goes on. Neat concept with good gimmick.

LEVEL ID: 25623