Making BAD Indomie goldberg

paxus - Custom level - from Android
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A goldberg that can make INDOMIE THAT UGLY AND SO GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#¥$*$?#) $($*#¥(_#?(#(#(#)

Indomie is an Indonesian instant noodle. It has many variant. Indomie isn't so bad. Just this goldberg that bad. So, if you see this level. Then you're know where am I live.

Q:Is this goldberg can make best noodle?
A:Actually no, it isn't. It can only mAke GROSS Indomie.

Q:Are you bored?
A:Yes, I am. I am stress too.

A NOT hidden easter egg is a cooked noodle. It's funny yet.


Enjoy for this bored level.

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  • Chad64: rice.. green peas.... string beans...... coke....... and shit?.......

    Looks appetizing
  • HXCTCreations: I'm a simple Indonesian. I see Indomie, I press like.

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