spider mech

adinn305 - Adventure level - from Android
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A:walk backward
D:walk foward
G:exit mech

sometimes its stuck when walking... just reverse and walk again untill it does...

just for fun xD

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  • Da_Magic: i wanna download it ='(
  • x32g: I recommend raising the torque and the max speed on the leg motor and upping the emit velocity. Other than those very minor things, great level!
  • adinn305: @Chad64: i would like to... but i can't get it done because i use sublayer plank it work good but doesn't look nice... so i just let the machine naked...
  • Chad64: Nice mech, reminds me of a few sci-fi movies. Did you know you can hide connections in the multiselect options? I think it would look great without those stuff

LEVEL ID: 25666