Turbo inline 6 engine engine sound

spyninja242001 - Custom level - from Windows
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A motor simulating an inline 6 engine sound with a turbo charger and a blow-off valve

Slider: Gas
F: Start/stop

If anyone have any suggestions to improve the sound tell me

Updates: Added tachometer
Changed engine breaking when turned off

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  • MARRA92: i think this build is way overrated...
  • spyninja242001: @JD55: Thanks! I want to improve this, ill be making one with a mechanical gearbox and and a electronically simulated one
  • JD55: @spyninja242001: I like this for two reasons: the sound and the well commented lua script. Since we can't add .wav files your use of the multiple synthesizers and the sfx emitter is impressive. When I get a little further along with Principia and start to learn lua I'll be checking some of your work.
  • spyninja242001: @Sourceli: thanks, you can
  • Sourceli: I can tune this for more power if you want
  • Sourceli: Hey dude this is an awesome creation. ☺☺

LEVEL ID: 25668