BedrockStar - Custom level - from Windows
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Where is sdac ?

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  • BedrockStar: @Chad64: LOL= Like Or Love :P
  • Chad64: @mrsimb: lol
  • BedrockStar: @Chad64:
    Wow this comment is like powerful kick.
    All time I was thinking that my creations are weak and no good
    but when I looking at others creation.
    Now I see that I am the first person in this game
    that have (Total objects: 34110)

    Thank you for this kick
  • mrsimb: a typical artist's skill discussion
  • Coolblocks749: What your gud at pixel art

    Or al least better than me
  • BedrockStar: @mrsimb: No. I am very bad at pixel art OR (maybe I am too critical for myself).
  • Golden: @mrsimb: ah, that makes sense
  • mrsimb: @Golden: principia is made under sdac's Bithack company. Appetin is another company founded by him (as i believe).
  • Golden: Hmm yeah your right, they are making some apps like I saw on his GitHub page
  • Golden: @mrsimb: like this game is made by Appetin?
  • mrsimb: @BedrockStar: are you pixel art artist?
  • mrsimb: @Golden: yep? i dunno. i haven't seen any activity with their social network. why they ever started to make one? for now they are working as Appetin (
  • Golden: @mrsimb: wait they did?
  • mrsimb: i thought they have abandoned evenite, and just started to develop various applications for money. pajlada sometimes streams the development process on twitch.
  • GlaDos: @Golden: evenite was released a very long time ago for IOS
  • Golden: All I can say, probably working with evenite...
  • Chad64: Goodluck on finding him anyways XD
  • Chad64: i dont know what he's planning, but all i know is, hes not here.

    What if we all like this level and mention him here? idk, would he notice? @sdac:

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