Stupid racebots

mrsimb - Custom level - from Windows
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A rough version of my new project.
The goal is to create fairly intelligent bots that will follow a given path avoiding obstacles.
The other goal is to make this system as simple and optimized as possible:
- no calculations on LuaScripts other than bots server;
- car's LuaScript must only recieve computed data;
- minimal use of function calls;
- avoiding access to global variables;
- no complex data structures;
- scores table;
- minimap;
- a realistic race car model for player and for bot;
- a normal pathfinding and obstacle avoiding;
- converting bunch of placed objects (wall pivots) into path.
The entire project is free to use, you just have to mention the author (me).

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  • mrsimb: @BedrockStar: I'll appreciate that
  • BedrockStar: @mrsimb: If you want I can make maze for you.

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