My first tank

paxus - Custom level - from Android
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Its my first tank. A wooden tank, has little gun, and damper suspension.

~[\♡lol¤:-[·:(;) [:)};)■⊙:(·■¤♥:(~x)⊙[:)[=)□⊙□\:(|x)■⊙♡·:-[~♥·

A: Move forward
D: Move reverse
Z: Aim
F: FIRE!!!!!!!

@¥(#,-,'?"$(_¥(#? $*'€@*#(#(#(#?@((#(#-(

Enjoy. Is it complete????

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  • hosj12: This is waaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to good to​be your first
  • paxus: Yeah..., idk how good is this
  • Da_Magic: First tank? too good
  • BobMonkeypimp: This is excellent. I like the suspension system & how compact it is.

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