LRAT Take over!!!!

BloodStorm - Custom level - from Android
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the Hover 1, Artillerist, and Flakker come to join the DAA with heavy bomboardmeant!!!

but its chaos in this tiny room....

I PATTENT THE FAN ARTY LAUNCHER!!!! (for mobile, the fannon was already claimed, this is the Mobile Arty, i do give cred to the original fannon maker for the inspiration though)

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  • BloodStorm: and i have school. so it may be a while till its done
  • BloodStorm: @hosj12 and i have to unassemble and reassemble them to do that
  • BloodStorm: its meant to be an automatic machine, (unlike the original LRAT) but i am working on a RC powered one
  • hosj12: I like it but there's no interaction

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