50 cal

Toby stahl - Custom level - from Android
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Reloading sniper rifle f=fire z=eject cartridge

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  • kacperTMPL: @Toby stahl: enjoy
  • Toby stahl: My next project is gonna be a fully automatic machine gun
  • Toby stahl: Once its starts getting slow try panning down beneath the gun to see how shells uv fired i just made a pile that came all the way up and actually caused the gun to jam
  • Toby stahl: Done
  • Toby stahl: Yeah i could make it all with 1 slider
  • mrsimb: also the entire reloading process with just one slider would be sweet
  • mrsimb: i like the idea with controls (on PC)
  • Toby stahl: I can stick a dual suction an my bolt to improve the reload action also multi emitter cant be moved or emit when objects are in its area other wise id wouldve had the emitter at the bottem as a mag
  • Anubis: Need improvements with the reload action and the emitter should be a little above the scope and should have a Mag, just saying and giving advice.
  • hosj12: Sweet
  • Toby stahl: Yes i will hosj after next update i made about 50 different types of bullets ill let u guys go through em all
  • hosj12: Can you please allow derivatives

LEVEL ID: 25715