Polygon Challenge

paxus - Custom level - from Android
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This challenge where you must modify the plastic polygon to deliver robot to goal FASTLY!!!!!!!
But passable.

_¥($,@, $) $(/*/!_((_(×(×(×(×(_¥_¥$*$(_,_, $(#)_((×($(#(#

Steps To modify the Plastic Polygon:
1. First, Click/touch the plastic polygon you want to modify
2. Then, Drag its corner to modify the selected plastic polygon

-If a polygon on spikes. Don't modify the plastic polygon too thinly or the robot will die
-Win this challenge and be the ENGINEER OF POLYGON

¥@($(#,@,#(#(@(#*#? $(#(?#(@(_)#, $,#(_($**#(@(#)_(#(#?@,_(##¥


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