502 Error

BedrockStar - Custom level - from Windows
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Today when I opened my Laptop and logged into principia.
The main page of the game changed to white
and little text in the front (502 Gate Way) :(

This error almost killed me
I was thinking that
servers run out of power.

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  • Golden: @Coolblocks749: actually, server just have problems, but when I encountered it, I just ask sdac and they fixed it :P
  • JaredmosesGuantia: I found that also!
  • MARRA92: happens about weekly, can be server restart
  • electro: @hosj12: agree
  • hosj12: @electro: ye it's always a good time there
  • electro: @Coolblocks749: there is one, Principia WhatsApp group
  • Coolblocks749: Yes i think we have to set up a secondary source of contact just in case Bithack pulls the plug on the servers.
  • BedrockStar: (502 Gate Way)

LEVEL ID: 25722