BIG BANG (Animation)

BedrockStar - Custom level - from Windows
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  • NanoDude05: @BedrockStar: THERE NO BANG THERE ONLY GOD but nice art tho
  • BedrockStar: @TechZ: So you want me to not make any changes to that?
  • TechZ2124: @BedrockStar: This is very nice like this ! Nice art man ^^
  • Golden: So i cant try it out
  • Golden: @BedrockStar: iOS or iPhone 7 has best performance than androids but what pisses me off the most, outdated principia on app store...
  • BedrockStar: @TechZ: Do you think that now the animation is good or I need replace (Ore) with (Plastic box).
  • kacperTMPL: @BedrockStar: yeah so strong xd
  • BedrockStar: @kacperTMPL: This animation is so powerful that my laptop freeze :O
  • kacperTMPL: hey that's pretty good!

LEVEL ID: 25731