Dodging Challenge 2.1

iFox 3000 Studios - Adventure level - from Windows
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iFox 3000 Studios with 0m 06s! (v2.1)

SPECIAL CREDIT TO PALJADA! He is my best beta tester ever! I couldn't even imagine how he figure out those problems some time lol!

Try comment your high score as my personal best is 4m :)

â—†Support my Perfect Truck level , need bugs reporterâ—†

Change 1.4: Minor bug fixed , many well thanks to sir Paljada for his bug reporter LOL Sry man
Change 1.5: Appeared of Paljada has push this level advance 2 version rofl ,I challenge u to climb that again sir!
Change 1.6: Added distance indicating pixel , added checkpoint if half-way reached.
Change 1.7: Credit to Paljada : D for bugs found..if you looked at those photos he uploaded you will rofl lol , Few improvement.
Change 1.8: New cover , fix check point bug (Hmm didn't know was anyone use that to break record.) Personal best 2 minutes! Ahh..Paljada again , Thanks!!! LMAO
Change 1.9: Now with Randomize Gravity Generator! It depend on you luck!
Change 2.0: Fixed the glitch.

Views: 442 Downloads: 148 Unique objects: 43 Total objects: 697


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  • BloodStorm: 1:19
  • TheBossMan: 8s
  • Gabriel7127: i survived 7s
  • Jaegar: 15s
  • JakeFrosty: Hope principia has autosave cause every single time i mess up lol
  • Golden: Uhh

LEVEL ID: 25772