JakeFrosty - Custom level - from Android
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Whats should i do next?
Comment down below for any ideas or suggestions

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  • BloodStorm: The base of the tank was light strong and fast. it was a great design. maybe try making another?
  • JakeFrosty: @x32g: and also email me if you wanna chat me or suggest i guess?
  • JakeFrosty: @x32g: i know right i just get inspiration from my viewers and the levels that i try in principia forums
  • x32g: Well the elevator is pretty neat, and that tank vehicle has some merit. You can probably become a pretty significant creator considering all the other ones are leaving now :(
  • JakeFrosty: @x32g: oh i get it now this level lol its using the grid hehe assisted by the grid
  • JakeFrosty: @x32g: what do you mean the elevator? The vehicle? The gun?
  • x32g: Well you made the shrug thingy better than I did, you got that going for ya
  • JakeFrosty: Comment here for any of your ideas and ill try it!

LEVEL ID: 25807