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JupiterSky - Adventure level - from Windows
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Hey guys! This is my first lua script. Ever.
And, to the people who made LUA, I put LUA in caps because I THINK IT LOOKS NICE!!!

Anyway, if you feel like using this, credit me! And if you don't... Well let's just say you'd be classified as "Alien".

Chad64 - for teaching me how to use LUA. By posting a level with LUA in it.

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  • JupiterSky: @Chad64 thanks to you and your slime boss level I was able to twist it a bit with my current JavaScript and Python knowledge to make this, I was wanting to start learning LUA for a while now, but this is how I learn. Not from a class, but from reverse engineering things others made. Thanks for being one of those peeps who actually allow derivatives on their LUA levels. :P

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