RasmusOlle - Custom level - from Windows
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Don't call her Needy or she'll slap you.
*gets slapped*

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  • Chad64: oh ok
  • RasmusOlle: @Chad64: A character from Battle For Dream Island.
  • Chad64: anyways is this needle a fictional character of some sort?
  • RasmusOlle: @Chad64: Wow. You go all in.
  • Chad64: immana bichslap dat biches pointy aesz
  • JOELwindows7: Pun. XD lol haha lol haha
  • RasmusOlle: @Chad64: Be careful...
  • Chad64: that lil NEEDY gonn slap me with a stick hand? bring it on biche
  • x32g: I still don't get how BFDIA connects with IFDB
  • JupiterSky: @RasmusOlle: lol
  • RasmusOlle: @JupiterSky: Yup.
  • JupiterSky: Bfdi?

LEVEL ID: 25941