[ENTRY] Unofficial contest: EXTREME OFF-ROADER

JupiterSky - Custom level - from Android
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Sometimes it doesn't work, and sometimes it works exelently, mostly because this is the most insane off road track I haver ever seen. (Hopfuly it stays that way lol)

+=====Contest Rules=====+

Another unofficial contest here,
I provided an off road track, you have to make a vehicle to complete it.


Not allowed:
Gravity changes
Level road charge
Lua for any movement manipulation
Signals higher than 1

Your vehicle must fit in build area

The entry which will complete this in lowest time will win

No any sort of cheating

Must be derivative of this level

Entry deadline: 25th of may, 2017


Views: 199 Downloads: 44 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 102

Top 10 Players

1. pentaaxis
2. electro
3. stardustdestruktor
4. JupiterSky
5. Hobbit
6. BesopanAPTEM
7. x32g
8. QuickestW0LF


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  • electro: Good one tho
  • JupiterSky: @electro: Thanks, at first I wanted to use ropes, but that was a failure and a half and I didn't want to copy what's his name's tank so I put a few wheels on a plank and voila, car. Ish.
  • electro: Good one, you are completing this without track belt which is awesome
  • JupiterSky: @electro Hey check this out!

LEVEL ID: 25944