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JaredmosesGuantia - Custom level - from Windows
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  • hhhh: One time use
  • hosj12: Nope it was @techz
  • hosj12: Didn't @golden do a long throw contest a couple months ago
  • JaredmosesGuantia: Allowed derivatives.
  • JaredmosesGuantia: @hhhh: Maybe there's something wrong.
  • hhhh: Not long
  • Jarred playz: ok im in with the contest go check out my entry @
  • BloodStorm: can you allow derivatives? my LRAT may shoot farther, but i cant tell but it looks like that.
  • electro: @GlaDos: ok, 3:53AM here, will do in daytime, going to sleep
  • GlaDos: @electro: do it. Not me
  • electro: @GlaDos: create unofficial contest for throwing things long
  • GlaDos: @electro: what?
  • electro: @GlaDos: you take charge
  • GlaDos: @electro: I understand. Let's begin
  • electro: @GlaDos: man, I'm interested in entering long throwing contest just someone have to start contest and I will in
  • GlaDos: @electro: are you sure. My Churchill Gun Carrier is very strong and it's just a prototype
  • electro: Ok, what about starting an unofficial contest?

LEVEL ID: 25960