My first Blank Hovercraft

paxus - Custom level - from Android
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A stable thin blank hovercraft. Wihout tiltmeter.

¥_$*,_.#*@¥#(? $(_)_?×?$((#(_¥×?_,($€@¥_€$?@,.#($¥@(_(#(#¥+?$,

Z : Move
W, A, S, D : Move (for PC)

+¥(×?+,@,#(@(#(€@*×(_(_*×*/&^%:&$&_*@,_)_)×(_(×(×(¥×€_(+(@,.@., $

What do you think about it?

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  • aperture: Nice level, first screenshot is a click bait though

LEVEL ID: 26041