[contest]: bot fight

aperture - Custom level - from Android
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Let's see who can make the winning bot.
>Make two copies of your bot,one on the left, facing right and one on the right facing left
>Left one will be controllable while right one will be automatic
>Both must have working health systems and joints cannot be indestructible
>there are no size restrictions
>if using transmitters and receivers, please list the frequencies using sticky notes or prompt
> platforms or pixels cannot be part of bot
>no lua
>No emitter
>Must be derivative of this level
>Must have derivatives allowed
How to win-
For a selected PAIR of levels, players(other than makers of those particular bots) will copy one bot(controllable or automatic) from each level and make them fight. The winners name will be written in the comments of this level. A bot will gain or lose one point per opponent it wins or loses from (doesn't matter how many times)
Contest lasts till last date of June.

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  • aperture: @Chad64: *watch
  • aperture: @Chad64: with real steel, again.
  • Chad64: once i get enough motivation lol, i barely ever join such contests
  • aperture: @Chad64: doesn't have to be Walker and can be very simple, I'd like you to try
  • Chad64: @aperture: nty, i suck at these
  • aperture: @Chad64: are you taking part?
  • aperture: @Chad64: yep, real steel is the official representative of all bot fights
  • Chad64: Is that real steel in the level image

LEVEL ID: 26042