[PLGS#2] The 16 Puzzle v1.1

HXCTCreations - Custom level - from Android
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I'm too lazy to put a description, so I'll just leave it here...

-Initial release
-Added option to invert controls
-3 new sizes ranging from 3 x 3 to 6 x 6!

Views: 738 Downloads: 213 Unique objects: 2 Total objects: 13

Top 10 Players

1. electro
2. HXCTCreations
3. amirahmadkhan81
4. Chad64
6. seong0515
7. spaceship1880
8. Schnabelborg
9. paxus
10. cool_gay


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  • TheBossMan: @Rubicon: I wouldn't use that much time only for one level. Just so you know.
  • TheBossMan: I can't believe Rubicon pressed buttons 70,207 times! Lol I gave up after 46.
  • electro: Eagerly waiting for extreme version, practicing at least 10 times per day, tag me when you upload it :)
  • HXCTCreations: @electro: I figured out that limit thing, by showing only a portion of the puzzle. That way i'm planning to make an extreme version of this thing after my big project is done, you better practise now :)
  • electro: 372!!
  • electro: Oh yes, spirits will be useful in such case
    Also, have you ever considered about making 10*10?
    That would be an ultra Asian tester
  • HXCTCreations: @electro:@JupiterSky: there's a limit of how many lines are drawn from one script. The 7 x 7 would pass that limit the puzzle is not drawn completely, maybe I should make separate level using sprites..
  • JupiterSky: @electro: lol
  • JupiterSky: @HXCTCreations: limit? What limit?
  • electro: @HXCTCreations: what exactly is limit?
    Is there any way to make only 7*7 instead of 3*3-6*6?
  • electro: @JupiterSky: not your fault, Asians are really good at mathematics and calculations, I will be disgrace to my family if I come second in such puzzles...
  • HXCTCreations: @electro: @JupiterSky: I was planning to add 7 x 7 and beyond but the draw line limit gets in the way :/
  • JupiterSky: @electro: huh? Oh, America. I meant the 6x6 puzzle though lol!
  • electro: @JupiterSky: where you live?
  • JupiterSky: NOPE.
  • electro: @HXCTCreations: now, I think I am Asian enough
  • JOELwindows7: @electro: :D
  • electro: @JOELwindows7: yes, agree
  • JOELwindows7: @electro: he should be the Principia dev is necessary.
  • electro: @JOELwindows7: yes, awesome on many levels
  • JOELwindows7: Infinity Awesome!!!!
  • electro: *close enough
  • electro: Choose enough
    Gonna activate Asian mode, kid level for chasing down your score

    Btw, thanks a lot for such grate game and changing scores, you rocks :)
  • electro: @HXCTCreations: challenge accepted
  • HXCTCreations: @electro: Let's see if you're Asian enough to solve the 6 x 6 lol
  • electro: @PanzerEgorence: what truck?
    What os?
    Who not posting?

    I assume you are using translator

    Write in your mother tongue, it is fine, we will translate.
  • PanzerEgorence: Here come that turk os hit he not posting
  • electro: @HXCTCreations: that Asian strike again
  • electro: @HXCTCreations: whoa
    Gonna try harder
  • HXCTCreations: @electro: haha not so fast >:D
  • electro: Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    There is always an Asian
    Better than you

    P.s. I am Asian
  • electro: @HXCTCreations: @TechZ: @Coolblocks749: @JupiterSky: try chasing my new score
  • electro: @HXCTCreations: you rocks the Lua graphics stuff
  • electro: @TechZ: HAY MATE!!!
  • TechZ2124: After like 12 games I feel that I have start to understand some mechanics and kind of "algorythms" to solve it faster. Pretty fascinating actually !
  • TechZ2124: Woo finally did it ! This game is insanely funny, need to make one in real life ^^
  • Coolblocks749: I did it
  • aperture: Great work, but I rage quit
  • HXCTCreations: @electro: I used to play this long ago. I made this because I found this quite simple and easy to code because I want to share something without putting too much effort compared to my 3d maze lol
  • electro: @JupiterSky: enjoyed a lot :)

    @HXCTCreations: you create the level means you know many algorithms and/or played it recently
    Am I right?

    I played it when I was kid, uses inverted controls
  • JupiterSky: That took a fun while!
  • HXCTCreations: @Chad64: nah, because i am too lazy to put pictures so i put numbers instead, btw you can have your inverted controls :D
  • hosj12: I was so friggin close
  • Chad64: oh, and i think it would be great if you inverted the controls, it's really confusing based on what im used to, so i end up with more moves
  • Chad64: isnt this supposed to be a 4x4 picture puzzle thingy?
  • Chad64: lol i thought i won. i put the 1 at the southeast corner. all that hard work xD
  • Hobbit: Rage quit! I keep screwing up the last three moves, I'm going to stop before I break my phone.

LEVEL ID: 26082