Dummy Jet Fall! - SkyTech Edition

JupiterSky - Custom level - from Android
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Dummy is back for more tumbling pain!

Made by: @Chad64

Edited by: @JupiterSky

You must finnish faster than the others...

Easy score is / 1

Hard is / 2

Impossibru is / 3

Views: 148 Downloads: 51 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 305

Top 10 Players

1. Schnabelborg
2. crisitian2102
3. Kingslayer


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  • JupiterSky: @Hello World: Heh, you got that right.
  • Hello World: the word dummy reminds me of something. Oh i know! dummy juice factory ;)
  • JupiterSky: @Coolblocks749: SkyTech Edition.
  • Coolblocks749: What is a ST Edition?

LEVEL ID: 26109