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principiafreak300 - Custom level - from Android
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We all know this community gets smaller and worse. But this can be avoided. I think everyone has some great ideas what he could do but is limited through the objects. Why don't we decompile this game and add some objects? It seems to be written in C++, which can be partially decompiled. It would really help I think. @Linux tries to decompile the Android App, and together this community could add what it wants to. There are many things which aren't done yet like creating an OS in Lua and a CPU only with logic elements. So don't give up, guys. This game is the best in the world and the community can be, too.

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  • principiafreak300: @RasmusOlle: I did notice, but I didn't have Principia for PC at this time.
  • RasmusOlle: Why did nobody care when I modded?
    Oh yeah! They weren't interested at that
    time. Great.
  • Linux: Also did compiling never outputs the same code it will always be different and will always be missing stuff especially if its obsuficated(they add random ness to the naming and make it so there is some useless loop code and stuff for decompilers to error out on)
  • Linux: Its written using the SDL library
  • Linux: Its in c++ I can tell by the assembly
  • Linux: @principiafreak300: you guys owe me the cost of hex rays idA pro and several months worth of failed atempts
  • principiafreak300: @RasmusOlle: It isn't, neither in C++. It's written in brainf*ck with the box2d api.
  • RasmusOlle: @principiafreak300: Hey if you're that easily editable, let's say it's written in LOLCODE.
  • principiafreak300: @RasmusOlle: And I know the differences better than you may think, believe me.
  • principiafreak300: @RasmusOlle: Sorry, but someone told me it's coded in C#. I even thought about the game being coded in C++ because of speed and Box2D, but I trusted that person I didn't even know who it was.
  • RasmusOlle: It's in C++ you idiot.
    Someone who doesn't know what it's coded in will decompile it. Great.
  • Chad64: @electro: oh
  • electro: @Chad64: no, sdac did some custom thing which only he knows and not universal one which we know
  • Chad64: @electro: no I was asking if you couldn't find out how sdac did it even after searching google, or if you even actually searched google for an answer. If you want me to help you find an answer, I would need to understand alot of things from what you just said cause I don't know anything about 3d modeling
  • MARRA92: if need 3d modeling im setted up good with that
  • electro: @Chad64: reference please
  • Jaegar: You say cpu with only logic elements :)
  • Chad64: @electro: no answers in google either?
  • Chad64: @principiafreak300: you could help ctjet
  • principiafreak300: @Chad64: It transforms binaries back into source code.
  • electro: Also, I change some stuff in principia with custom 3d models, it is possible but now, I'm stuck with texture mapping, don't know how sdac did it, it isn't regular, he use a single . PNG file for all textures of a object.
  • electro: You know, there is a WhatsApp group, we decompiled every possible thing years ago and also, @ctjet: is making principia clone, I'm making objects for that, new rocket is ready since month

  • Chad64: anyways the community is slightly growing back, so no worries
  • Chad64: whats a decompile
  • principiafreak300: @BobMonkeypimp: @Golden: @Chad64: @that_guy: @mrsimb: @TechZ:

LEVEL ID: 26121