keyboard hud for mobile yay reuploaded updated

Linux - Custom level - from Windows
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May be helpful for some
V 1.2
Minimizing button
v 1.2
90% of the keys needed are added a dew wont work due to string things like \ so the arrow keys had to black and the \ had to also be blank
v 1.3
added the rest of the keys layout was changed to add room vor keys
A key board in principia! Very lag free, uses wireless, so here are the frequency's:
1-26 = A-Z
100-109 = 0-9
110 = ^(shift)
111 = <(backspace)
112 = [R](return/enter)
113 = [space]
The second lua is just an example, but it helps decode which key is being pressed
to do:
* fix the frequencys to chad64 standard
* make a different keyboard for shift

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  • JupiterSky: However the bottom is "clipping" off.
  • JupiterSky: Not too bad...
  • Linux: @Chad64: maybe
  • Chad64: @Linux: no, im talking about the "big" that some of it goes through the left part of my screen which means i cant press them. perhaps will you be able to make a scaling function? where i can pick from small, or default?
  • Linux: @Chad64: its supposed to be to the left, and its big so you can type comfortably
  • Chad64: @Linux: i could giv u a brief description of what I'm experiencing: the keyboard is slightly off to the left. it's a little big also, and covers like 3/4ths of my screen lol. maybe its because i have a small phone?
  • Chad64: @PanzerEgorence: no, the problem is only device specific, so that wont work
  • PanzerEgorence: Oops
  • PanzerEgorence: @Chad64: use cam marker in principia?
  • PanzerEgorence: @Chad64: use cam marker in principia?
  • Chad64: @Linux: how do i post screenshots lol
  • Linux: @Chad64: can I see what it looks like on your screen
  • Chad64: since ur back can i request so that it fits on my screen
  • Linux: and have a proper ASCII code frequency layout
  • Linux: Its getting there I still want to implement more keys like Ctrl
  • Linux: @HXCTCreations: well I saw a complaint about it. always being on screen following the camera so I thought this would be a good practical solution
  • HXCTCreations: I like how the minimizing button hides the keyboard.
  • Linux: Like function keys and a num pad but its nice
  • Linux: Needs more keys

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