JupiterSky - Adventure level - from Android
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Drop your men onto the battle field with this newly revamped dropship!

By the way, most of the ship was made by @| Uber Send |

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  • JupiterSky: @Chad64: k
  • Chad64: @JupiterSky: way to dodge my question lol. Either way you should disable it, It will make the ship better. I'll tell this to ubersend too. Its an important part of that ship thingy since they didn't come with parachutes
  • JupiterSky: @Chad64: They use the jetpack sometimes LOL
    Ik dat :P
  • Chad64: @JupiterSky: They die from fall damage, what's so weird about that? you never gave them a parachute, and they dont know how to use a jetpack btw.

    You can disable fall damage from the level properties
  • JupiterSky: @Anubis: hmm, principia physics are weird. :P
  • Anubis: It kills some of them before they even get to the battlefield.

LEVEL ID: 26192