[miniGame]Small target mini game V.1.6

electro - Custom level - from Android
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All credits to parent level, I just added leaderboard
slide bar:move the bar
circle:move the gun

*changed credits
*changed one sound effect
+added dificulty selector (blue button)

Views: 209 Downloads: 45 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 145

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1. Galvatron66
2. angelleiva
3. stardustdestruktor
4. amirahmadkhan81
5. electro
6. BedrockStar
7. Jarred playz


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  • electro: @HXCTCreations: see the leaderboard
  • HXCTCreations: @electro: the game ends at 7500
  • electro: @Jarred playz: I tried once again, got same score
  • Jarred playz: LOL its a tie @electro
  • electro: @RasmusOlle: I can remove that
  • electro: @aperture: just press play and play, it will submit after level complete
  • RasmusOlle: time for HAXXX
  • aperture: How do you submit score?

LEVEL ID: 26261