BOSS FIGHT!!! 1.1v

angelleiva - Adventure level - from Windows
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Hi this is angelleiva and today i made a level called Boss fight it a Boss a name RoBolord and it is your job to kill the boss from killing you so i hope you enjoy and it is not the best boss but what do you thing so yah so i hope you like it so enjoy

What New: Boss fight is now better.

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  • x32g: @Chad64: aaaaah that makes more sense
  • Chad64: ie: Banget
  • Chad64: @x32g: no, i think the problem is either
    his/her first language isnt english
    he/she is a kid
    or he/she doesn't think straight

    anyways, i dont think he/she knows what "credit" means. But i think he/she is a good person, unlike the past players who cant speak english+likes to fuck with the community
  • x32g: @that guy: this one doesn't seem too keen on giving credit
  • that guy2: That health bar lua looks awfully familiar.
    It's general courtesy to give credit when you use other people's things.
  • NanoDude05: its just an idea for you :)

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