a-zA-ZO-9 - Custom level - from Android
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  • a-zA-ZO-9: @aperture:
  • a-zA-ZO-9: Translator Eulsayong haesseumnida
  • aperture: @a-zA-ZO-9: got it.
    So you are using translator?
  • a-zA-ZO-9: I Korean Because English Well I can't. T_T
  • a-zA-ZO-9: @aperture:sir
  • a-zA-ZO-9: Slide V is Container Connection Siki neun it is.
  • aperture: All of these look great, just one thing, what does the slider 'v' do?
  • a-zA-ZO-9: @JupiterSky:
  • JupiterSky: @a-zA-ZO-9: hello
  • a-zA-ZO-9: hi

LEVEL ID: 26326