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aperture - Custom level - from Android
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Demo launch,
feel free to inspire me for next release by pointing out bugs, fixes and possible additions.
Revision -fixed score system

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1. HXCTCreations
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3. BloodStorm
4. aperture
5. GlaDos
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  • Fatmeatball: @aperture: OK
  • aperture: @Fatmeatball: I took the idea for the structure from the level which you have in mind, but I can assure you that I built this from scratch
  • Fatmeatball: The android is stolen.
  • RasmusOlle: Hmm... I wonder if I can cheat the leaderboard... Hmm...
  • electro: That's good :)
  • aperture: @electro: erm....I might be intruding on your moment here, but according to the definition I'm an Asian too.
  • electro: @HXCTCreations: good man!
    You are an original Asian!
  • aperture: @HXCTCreations: (O_o) thank you for enlightening me. At first I thought that was for not winning or something.
  • HXCTCreations: @aperture: It's delete score button. It's can only be seen by you because you published this level.
  • aperture: @electro: ok I can't remove the red 'x', just ignore it
  • aperture: @electro: that was not supposed to happen, you weren't supposed to lose, I have fixed it now.
  • electro: At least, completed
  • aperture: @electro: tagged as requested.

LEVEL ID: 26328