Bombs Away!!

BloodStorm - Adventure level - from Android
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Airwolf 1 dropping bombs on enemy base......
Allied troop at the base is not in a secure area....

-Survive the Bombing Run-

-update log-
Added win/lose system
Added LeaderBoard
Remembered to put save and leaderboard on.....

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  • BloodStorm: @NanoDude05 @Linux @Tobot_GX7 ok I get it I suck at my own level ._.
  • NanoDude05: i won!
  • Linux: Winner! (Also killed anyoone, and broke anything that survived)
  • BloodStorm: @Tobot_GX7 well I just suck then
  • Tobot_GX7: @BloodStorm: I survived to and killed anyone else that survived
  • BloodStorm: @TheBossMan nice! I tried and I died every time.
  • TheBossMan: I survived!
  • BloodStorm: @JupiterSky congrats!
  • JupiterSky: I won!

LEVEL ID: 26355