lasers are popular

BedrockStar - Custom level - from Windows
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  • BedrockStar: @RasmusOlle: NO. They are Awful.
  • RasmusOlle: @BedrockStar: my laser levels aren't terrible.
  • BedrockStar: @RasmusOlle: I created this art to make fun of yours terrible laser compositions :P
  • BedrockStar: @RasmusOlle: Why
  • RasmusOlle: You need to credit me.
  • RasmusOlle: *thinks* what object should be the next craze? AH. But first, LET'S MILK THIS CRAZE WHILE IT EXISTS
  • JupiterSky: Wooooohooooo! Time for mine then... fidget lasers!

LEVEL ID: 26383