Crash-test Buildings 2 (crash test)

cswong235 - Custom level - from Android
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After witnessing several crashes, I finally decorated my crash buildings and making them breakable! They're quite jelly, I must say. Credit me if you want to use them!
It's quite satisfying to see them being demolished.

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  • BloodStorm: ok ill try something else
  • BloodStorm: ok ill try something else
  • cswong235: @BloodStorm: I tried breaking them with the Ball Fondler level, and they broke. You need something strong like mass weights or rockets. I used the multi select joint setting and the game crashes every time I set it. The connection edit says that it's indestructible, but actually it's not.
  • BloodStorm: I tried using artillerists against it but they didnt break anything. i then checked the joints and they and set to indestructible. did you try using multi select joint because it doesnt work in this version of principia
  • BloodStorm: I do get lag but it seems awesome

LEVEL ID: 26394