that guy2 - Custom level - from Windows
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Something I started but never figured out what I was doing with.

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1. stardustdestruktor
2. principia_rus
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4. that guy2

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  • loveaabb: Flowey XD
  • Chad64: Bullet Hell?
  • stardustdestruktor: Winner number one 20 points
  • 12218789: Nice!
  • blackghost: nice level . but its hard
  • blackghost: nice level . but its hrard
  • mrsimb: i also thought that this is one of your music scripts, before i played the level
  • mrsimb: i had an idea to place differently configured synthesizers, get a genetic algorithm audio synthesizer software, somehow take control of those synthesizers outside of the game and sit and watch as genetic algorithm tries to replicate any song. then convert all data needed to control synthesizers to be represented as a lua script and put it into a level.

LEVEL ID: 26399