BloodStorm - Custom level - from Android
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my first real lua use.

thanks to Demon666 for letting me know how lua priorities work

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  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: XD dont even know how lua works
  • mrsimb: btw, you can sum velocity changes (e.g. thrust, gravity, hovering, bounce, etc), and then apply the sum of forces to object
  • Demon666: @BloodStorm: doesn't freeze it but it does slows it down. kinda like adding a stabilizer object to it. basically it makes it more difficult to reorient the vehicle if something happens to hit it.
  • BloodStorm: @Demon666 i dont think velocity freezes rotation...it may just be changing center of mass
  • Demon666: @BloodStorm: it is beginning to rotate on its own. once the robot moves from the center to the sides.....
  • BloodStorm: @Demon666 was this one bugging out?
  • Demon666: also you should should avoid using velocity/rotation manipulation on multipart objects.... they tend behave in odd ways.
  • BloodStorm: that was supposed to prevent it from falling
  • BloodStorm: ahh.....i will try to fix it
  • Demon666: when you do any velocity manipulation you can only have one set velocity function at a time... if you try to use more then one only the the last one in the code will be activated.
  • Demon666: this line "if this:read(2)==0 then e:set_velocity(0,0) end" is preventing you from loving left....

LEVEL ID: 26403