Where's all the players?

12218789 - Custom level - from Android
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It seems alot of players have left the most views I get in a level is around 50 now? It used to be around 200. What happened?

Views: 165 Downloads: 13 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 1

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  • Anubis: Present.
  • potato: Still herse
  • potato: Here
  • potato: Still herse
  • principiafreak300: Still here
  • Chad64: @Golden: agreed
  • Golden: @12218789: im still here and i have iphone now, the principia is outdated af
  • electro: I'm here
  • 12218789: @x32g: Oh
  • x32g: a lot of the players got bored and left, since the game stopped updating
    (p.s. if you want to summon that guy you have to add the space
  • RasmusOlle: many left
  • 12218789: @thatguy

LEVEL ID: 26410