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mrsimb - Custom level - from Android
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- RasmusOlle: perma banned

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  • JOELwindows7: @dOUBLEbAD: yep. I have been noticed how immature he is, tbh.
  • dOUBLEbAD: @JOELwindows7: I suppose it is not lost after all, lol
  • JOELwindows7: I found this lost log! What?! I'm surprised!
  • BedrockStar: This is Ok :P
  • mrsimb: @BedrockStar: if you were expecting more people there, I have to disappoint you :)
  • mrsimb: @BedrockStar:

    - Magmus Mr big dick
    - Banget
    - Sourceli
    - Jaegar
    - RasmusOlle
  • BedrockStar: @mrsimb: Do you remember their nick names?
    Meaby top 10 list of worst users?
  • mrsimb: @x32g: there are a lot of spammers and few very disrespectful to others persons.
  • x32g: is he the only one that has been banned in the history of principia?
  • mrsimb: @NanoDude05: not that bad. At least he won't be spamming again (I guess).
  • NanoDude05: @mrsimb: so if he was banned couldn't he just make a new account and get back on? THAT would be bad.
  • Golden: Money not wasted :)
  • Golden: Well thats a good ban method
  • aperture: @mrsimb: it's just; not being able to login. If I didn't sign up for this I wouldn't have suspected a ban. As my internet usually does this sort of thing by itself.
  • aperture: @mrsimb: yep
  • mrsimb: @aperture: so you could play levels?
  • aperture: @mrsimb: anyways, didn't expect anything weird but,got logged into an account called anonymous(having no privileges over no account) everytime I tried to loginto my own. Btw, no sign of RasmusOlle anywhere.
  • aperture: @mrsimb: 5!=32
  • aperture: @mrsimb: *inhales deeply* I was born ready.
  • mrsimb: @aperture: ready?
  • aperture: @mrsimb: @Fatmeatball: ok for you guys sake I'm willing to volunteer, bear in mind that I won't stay of more than 5mins. Ok pass me the flashlight and the rope.
  • Fatmeatball: @mrsimb
    I'm assuming just unable to log back in.
    (And no, I am not willing to volunteer)
  • mrsimb: @Golden: i wanted to know what user sees in a ban state, but i thought that it would be strange to ask someone to check.
  • mrsimb: @aperture: I think yes, but I would not try it as I don't know if my mod status will remain after that.
  • aperture: @mrsimb: just a thought, Can you ban yourself?
  • mrsimb: @Golden: you can try for 5 minutes :D
  • Golden: I wonder how it feels when getting banned. Like unable to log back into account or... unable to publish levels, comments, and stuff
  • Aceheliflyer: @Golden: :\
    Some people...
  • Golden: @Aceheliflyer: theres someone that is banned before
  • Aceheliflyer: That's a first, never seen anyone banned from Principia.
  • potato: I didn't no u could be banned
  • gemaine: I need to start making things again does anyone have ideals
  • mrsimb: @Coolblocks749: trolling other players, level spamming, comment spamming. wouldn't be banned if he knew when to stop.
  • stardustdestruktor: @Chad64: he copied my level 4 times and his needle spam and he think he have credits for laser
  • cswong235: I didn't know it's possible to get banned from Principia, but since RasmusOlle is banned....

    *lights fireworks*
  • Coolblocks749: Someone recap why Olle was banned? I know everyone was getting hella tired lf his needle and low effort spam, but something involving stardustruktor went down idk
  • Anubis: Thank you, Its annoying to see the being posted again and again.

    Big thanks.
  • Chad64: Oh i see now, just digged through a few levels
  • Chad64: @mrsimb: oh ok
  • mrsimb: @Chad64: Trolling too much
  • Chad64: @stardustdestruktor: yes, that's why were running out lol. This game should be recommended for early learning in Programming and Robotics.
  • Chad64: Wow, ive been missing out. What's the exact reason RasmusOlle got banned for? level spamming?
  • electro: Thank you :)
  • 12218789: Thank you
  • stardustdestruktor: I think heres the place for genius and people who will learn, not for bored kids
  • HXCTCreations: Good, at least moderation still works in this community :)
  • Golden: I hope he learned the valuable lesson
  • Golden: Thanks
  • stardustdestruktor: @mrsimb: thanks

LEVEL ID: 26425