Annoying Shooter

Hello World - Custom level - from Android
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(this game was poorly made by me) Can you shoot the metal ball into the pipeline without (somehow) rage quitting or causing the pipeline to go crazy? (wow I suck at this, you guys can probs do better)

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  • Hello World: I think it's flying around because there are no other layers
  • Linux: @12218789: same
  • Linux: @12218789: same
  • NanoDude05: WOOOOOOOOOO
  • aperture: I tried, but it's always flying off
  • JupiterSky: Firs try! (More like the 13th, but really)
  • Hello World: Thanks! :)
  • 12218789: @Hello World: I did
  • Hello World: @12218789: Did you like the level? (I don't blame ya if you say no)
  • 12218789: I shot at a wall and it landed in it.

LEVEL ID: 26438