that got glitchy.....

BloodStorm - Adventure level - from Android
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so i was bored so i messed with HCXT's Blizzard.
i tried to fly my cruiser in it so i did what i thought was lowering the blizzard strength. but this happened.....

credits to HXCT for the blizzard

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  • BloodStorm: @Nub4444 the blizzard lua
  • Nub4444: How did you get the effects in this level?
  • aperture: Not really glitchy, if blizzard is strong enough and connections are weak enough, this might happen in reality
  • JupiterSky: Wow, I think this happened because velocity is being added to all of the parts seperatly, thus causing it to be fractured butt whole. (Lel, get it?)
  • 12218789: O_○

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