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Linux - Custom level - from Windows
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i love lines if you couldnt tell --- but im just gonna make it look nice and update till i think it can be used effectivly as a "computer" (or a very well disguised text terminal with lots of features)
semi lied about below
also added a way to save current states
only aesthetic changes will be ui and stuff needed to add new stuff
Gonna fix it up make it look nicer
keyboard replacment 90% done missing symbols but i will fix that later
boot animation was added credits to zardos for ez logo also made us a logo P-OS
made cam targeters for diffrent screens
Organized --- rgb mod coming soon
With Keyboards d now, code follows later today or tomorrow.
Added something...
Still don't know why the , doesn't work. I'll fix the newline issue later, I know exactly what to do but it's pain on Android so I'll work on this on PC
This is an idea I had today.
We (the whole community) could create a unixoid OS inside Lua, which could provide even a C compiler and shells and stuff. This would be done through transpiling C to Lua and execute the code. More infos and some things to do will be provided soon, please send me feedback via comments or post if you want to participate.

Screen 60%
Create a 8x8 font: COMPLETED!
Keyboard 90%
C->Lua Transpiler: 0%
C standard library in Lua: 0%
File system: 50%
Shell: 0%
<To add>
Finish keyboard
linux filesystem layout
finish making it look nicer
principiafreak300 (Creator)
Chad64 (Hardware dev)
HXCTCreations (Software dev)
JupiterSky (Possible software dev :)
Linux AKA clippy (Hardware dev)

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  • Linux: @principiafreak300: idk?
  • principiafreak300: @Linux: What did you do :O :D?
  • Linux: @principiafreak300: start simpler
  • Linux: @principiafreak300: make the shell and finish off the input first
  • principiafreak300: OK... This is crazy... I can't work so much on this yet, more plans:
    - c compiler
    - c stdlib
  • Linux: what is, which one

  • aperture: Text too small to read
  • Linux: lua exec engine gonna be done soon basic execution system done
  • Linux: @principiafreak300: check this out may help a little
  • Linux: i may add in a c execution engine
  • Linux: @JupiterSky: thx
    its about to have alot more inards
    - igcs(ingame clock + system clock)
    - soundcard(heavily modified version of that guys music box)
    - event system
    - hub center(my way of a cpu of sorts to sort and control the execution of multiple lua scripts(allows potential multitasking))
    - lua execution engine (maybe more than one to have multiple scripts running) with hub control functionality)
  • JupiterSky: Cool! Now we can see the laggy inerds!
  • Linux: uhh sure im making a sound card right now
  • JakeFrosty: Its getting better wish it could come to the point where you can run games,
    MAYBE?! XD
  • Linux: @principiafreak300: can you fix my positions got messed up
  • Linux: Oops forgot you can't view the case
  • Linux: Weren't
  • Linux: @principiafreak300: hope you went mid update
  • principiafreak300: It's really cool!
  • principiafreak300: @aperture: No, that's why I didn't look at it :D
  • Linux: *Thanks
  • Linux: Thabks
  • JakeFrosty: This computer has come a long way throughout its development very cool things should happen when this is done!(sorry if i often use comma and dot)
  • Linux: Which is funny cause really its @Linux:
  • JupiterSky: @Linux: lol, it does.
  • Linux: Heh it says its from windows
  • Linux: @JupiterSky: oh woops didn't think that one through
  • aperture: Remarkably long way this has come.
  • aperture: @principiafreak300: wait, principia on raspberry pi?
  • JupiterSky: Well... you confused me. "Up" is usually used to tell the person that the are going "up" in the file tree. Please rename "Back" to "Up" and replace "Up" and "Down" with arrows. (So damanding, am I not?)
  • JupiterSky: It works... wow.
  • JupiterSky: Is this... functional or is it all... a cover?
  • Linux: Yeah it was supposed to be a way more efficient keyboard also I'm going to finish it today
  • principiafreak300: Does that use the whole screen?
  • principiafreak300: Will look at this later today, only on RasPi at the moment... I think this is better for me because it doesn'tc ause so much lag
  • Aceheliflyer: Now that is convenient.
  • Linux: that should be less laggy at least for mobile users
  • Linux: Needs more IBM feel

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