RedDummy factory

cool_gay - Custom level - from Android
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RedDummy, now in diet form!

See how many you can watch die!

Added New version of cans
Added a robot head to drink the RedDummy

Press f to end it all...
And the slider to change the speed of the New chopping machine!

Views: 471 Downloads: 148 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 230

Top 10 Players

1. JupiterSky
2. Hello World
3. potato
4. cool_gay
5. nathanm
6. aperture
7. Schnabelborg
8. NanoDude05
9. pentaaxis
10. stardustdestruktor

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  • cool_gay: You should see a doc- *sees profits* never mind...
  • Hello World: Yep (neverminding that I now have more than 12 [including knees] limbs)
  • cool_gay: RedDummy gives you liimbs
  • Hello World: Red dumny gives you.....(thinking)..liiiiimbs? Jeeeetpaaaaaacks?
  • cool_gay: Damn*
  • cool_gay: Dan you guys take this to the extreme
  • JupiterSky: @Hello World: because I have plenty of time.
  • cool_gay: Please leave suggestions for updates
  • Hello World: Oh yeah! The fact that you can't count to 1000. I can
  • Hello World: @JupiterSky: if I can get to 7,003, what makes you think that I can get the same score and higher?
  • JupiterSky: @Hello World: you were saying? ;)
  • cool_gay: RedDummy*
  • cool_gay: @aperture: Btw ResUlt is not emperialist, it's a joke on RedBull
  • cool_gay: I like it!
  • cool_gay: This is insanity
  • Hello World: Heh! Thought I was THAT insecure!? Think again!!!!!!!
  • Hello World: @JupiterSky: 501? PBBBBBBBBT!! I drank 7,003 and not a single fece (barf/poo) came out
  • aperture: Here we go now....
    Don't worry an Asian will chance to come by.
  • JupiterSky: @Hello World: I'll be back tomarrow to see how you have done, but know this; I am prepared to take this to the extreme.
  • JupiterSky: @Hello World: You mean 501?
  • Hello World: @JupiterSky: Wrong! There's nothing better than 308 cups!!!!!!!
  • JupiterSky: @Hello World: nope! Nothing better than 231 of them! Try me. Drinking contest! @aperture @BloodStorm @potato
  • Hello World: *peaceful sigh* Nothing better than a cup of red dummy juice.
  • aperture: A 'red' dummy blender! This is just what I wanted this world imperialists day! Now I can finally say, "better dead than red.”

LEVEL ID: 26488