Simple Maze Generator

HXCTCreations - Custom level - from Android
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This generator generates random mazes.

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  • electro: Awesome level
  • aperture: Ok then, still can't perceive the maze by taking the lines for corridors
  • Chad64: ps thanks for adding that "redraw" thingy. This is weirdly satisfying
  • Chad64: Oh! sorry about that. Im just really used to seeing the lines as the walls. Though knowing that, the maze looks really easy now compared to other mazes, since the exit is really direct. What about making the pathway shorter to allow longer dead ends? Is that possible?
  • HXCTCreations: @gemaine: no, the lua process is added to the overal game process including physics and scene rendering, so it will still lags.
  • gemaine: I currently only have the hovering and elevator circuit with the buildings and the level is slowing down
  • gemaine: @HXCTCreations: its because for the sequel of my huge level which is smarter hacking smart hover and better player interaction i have large circuit for the
    •the elevators
    •data interface
    •computer helper
    •and more
  • gemaine: So**??**
  • gemaine: @HXCTCreations:so If the load is devided to multiple luas it shouldnt slow down
  • HXCTCreations: @gemaine: if the scripts runs hundreds of process, then yes.
  • HXCTCreations: @Chad64: @aperture: well, the actual corridor is the line itself.
  • Chad64: Nice work, but i agree with aperture. Looking forward to this maze thingy m8
  • gemaine: A large circuit takes alot of ram and slow down a level if the same circuit was made with lua does it still slow down the game??
  • gemaine: I have a question but i dont really know who to explain it
  • aperture: Great level, I don't know how you do these.
    But it's not really a maze, you cannot enter from one side and exit from another in this maze, and all sections of the maze are isolated, as ALL the paths are blocked. Maybe if the plotter didn't move without breaking the line (as in penUp in logo) then the maze would be solvable.

LEVEL ID: 26492